That’s my beautiful family – my wife, Dacia, and our daughter, Leya. This photo was taken by our friends at The Archibald Project on a recent visit to America. We live in Uganda, where Dacia and I met as missionaries and where Leya was born.

Throughout middle and high school, I spent my summers on mission trips in Africa. I always dreamed of working in missions full-time, and my dream was realized with my first job at WorldHelp in 2008.

My career evolved, and for the last six years, I have experienced what it’s like to live on support, both in the U.S. and overseas. I have started my own organization and worked for ones that I both loved and well, didn’t. My work in Africa has crawled at a snails pace while I felt pressure from supporters to move it along quicker. I’ve gone months without leading someone to Jesus and wondered how to put that in a newsletter.

I have overseen wildly successful projects, ones that failed, and had stressful miscommunications with donors. I have been betrayed by my closest cross-cultural friends and have been taken advantage of because of my white skin. While all of these experiences have grown me as man and a missionary, they have birthed in me a deep passion for the struggles, victories, and relationships required to be successful in missions.